Join Our Discord Server, Go Backstage


Hello Vagabonds,

We wanted to let you know that we have recently stepped into the modern era, and set up our own official Discord server. It’s a place where we can all gather to talk nonsense, and game dev.

If you’re keen to join our burgeoning community, just follow the link below:

Though we can’t guarantee the conversation will always be the most intellectually stimulating, this will be your best line-of-access to the development team. Feel free to ask them questions, suggest terrible ideas, or lend your emotional support. Having a healthy back-and-forth with you will help keep them sane as they continue marching toward the release of SAM.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

ASM on PS4


After quite some time coming, we are very happy to finally announce that Always Sometimes Monsters is now available for PlayStation 4 in most regions. It's the same intense narrative game as on PC and other platforms, but presented in HD resolution and with some trophies.

This is our console debut, and first foray into the PlayStation community. We'd like to take a moment to welcome all the new Vagabonds joining our tribe today, and thank you all for playing. We will continue looking for more platforms going forward, as opportunities present themselves.

It is exciting to have so many new players joining. Together, we can begin to unravel the layers in each of our stories, and come to a better understanding of ourselves. Don't be afraid to share your experience with Always Sometimes Monsters, as there are depths learned only in communication of difference and contrast.

Devolver Digital Reunites With Vagabond Dog For ASM Sequel

Not to be confused with 2014's critically acclaimed title, Always Sometimes Monsters, sequel Sometimes Always Monsters is set for late 2016 release, and also probable confusion no matter how hard we try to explain the two different titles

Your Guarded Desires - Vagabond Dog and Devolver Digital have reignited their romance to publish a sequel to the lauded, semi-biographical, digital novella, RPG, life-sim, Always Sometimes Monsters, called Sometimes Always Monsters, scheduled for release in late 2016. (No, YOU'RE using commas wrong.)

Fans attending PAX East this weekend can get the original title (Always Sometimes Monsters) for free by playing the sequel (Sometimes Always Monsters) in the Indie Megabooth. During PAX East, the original title from 2014 will be 90 percent off through Steam:

In this upcoming sequel, you've finally arrived: the love of your life is at your side, your book is on the best-seller's list and everything is as it should be – stable, comfortable and well-deserved. But success isn't all it's cracked up to be. Despite all of your achievements, whispers from the shadows grow, calling you a monster, manipulative, and unrepentant.

Only you can decide if they're right.

Seeking inspiration, you join a cross-country bus tour with a band of like-minded authors as each stop presents a new city to explore. Fans and strangers alike invite you into their lives – forever shaping their worlds for better or worse as you pass through town with a whirlwind of choice and consequence.

Fork Parker explained, "When they first brought it to us, we got so confused by the title. Totally thought it was their first game, the one I'd already paid for. Figured the Vagabonds were trying to scam us. Put a bounty on their head and everything. Thankfully one of the interns opened the damned thing, cleared the whole mess up. The game's incredible. Would have been a total shame if one of my hitmen finally got to them."

"These games are antithetical to one another, and so their naming must mirror that," clarified Justin Amirkhani, Creative Director at Vagabond Dog. "We spent a long time considering alternatives, but this was the only thing that we felt truly fit. Adding a number to the end just didn't make sense because this game doesn't feel like a forward progression. It's more like an opposite, or a reflection of the first."

Sometimes Always Monsters is set for later this year, in the meantime stay in touch on Twitter @VagabondDog and keep up to date with Devolver's various ramblings at @DevolverDigital.


Vagabond Dog Announces Sometimes Always Monsters

Vagabond Dog is proud to announce their second title, Sometimes Always Monsters, is coming to PC in 2016.

Sometimes Always Monsters is an atypical role-playing game about our life choices, the circumstances that drive us to them, and their inevitable consequences.

Set in the modern world, players take control of a newly married author struggling to find the inspiration needed to write their second novel. With pressure to provide for your household mounting, you set out on a cross-country promotional tour with a band of like-minded scribes.

Along the journey, players will encounter those who have been changed by their words. For better or for worse, the role you play in their lives will echo through the story. As you decide your place in a world that would seek to idolize or destroy you, responsibility is what you make of it when we're Sometimes Always Monsters.


"I like to think of it more like an antithesis than a sequel," boasts Creative Director Justin Amirkhani. "Where ASM was largely about the gruelling struggle to go from nothing to something, Sometimes Always Monsters is about the thrilling free fall from something to nothing."

While Sometimes Always Monsters will support save file imports from Always Sometimes Monsters, this new game focuses on a different story with fluid ties to the original. Decisions made in ASM will impact the world of SAM in unexpected fashion. As the journey continues on, regardless of how the story ended, you will come to new understandings as you scrutinize the decisions of your former self.

To aid our efforts in preserving the unique canon of every player's experience, and to help with our cross-compatibility testing, we are asking fans of ASM to send their save files to


Sometimes Always Monsters will be playable at PAX Prime booth 869 inside the Indie Megabooth. Media are asked to send appointment requests to soon.

Sometimes Always Monsters will be available in 2016. Fans can follow development at or via @VagabondDog on Twitter.