It Rained Less Than They Thought It Would

With our backs still aching from the return flight home, we leave PAX Prime 2015 behind us with new memories had. Thank you all for making this a fantastic show, and a wonderful return to Seattle.

It has been two years since Vagabond Dog was last in the city, and it was only by the surprised remarks of those who recognized our return that we realized how much we have grown since our first outing. To those who remember us so fondly, we appreciate your attention.

Seeing all our friends, rivals, partners, and associates in one place reminded us how large this industry can be. What we felt though was a community that reciprocated the love we showed it. To those who shared our burdens, you continue to inspire us.

Finally, the general sense of goodwill that allows a convention like this to exist is the lasting thing we steal from the show. Without the generous in time, money, energy, or all three, there would be no greater whole to be part of. To those who gave anything, our gratitude is not enough.

We are currently planning the next stop on the Vagabond Dog pilgrimage, but we are not ready to leave the warm and fuzzy feeling of PAX Prime behind just yet. If you met a vagabond or played Sometimes Always Monsters at the show, leave us a comment or e-mail

It's hard to keep track of so many friends, so let's make it easier by talking lots.