T-Shirts Back In Stock

You know those cool t-shirts you see the chillest folks wearing at conventions and other video game gatherings? They're back in stock at vagabonddog.com/store today!

These excellently crafted garments come in a variety of sizing and color options. Well, not that many colors.

We've also enabled a Free Convention Pick-Up shipping option for those coming to PAX West 2016. Order your shirt now, and grab it from us directly when you visit our booth #764 in the Indie Megabooth.

Don't want to pay for a shirt at all?

Come Meet us in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Portland during the Vagabond Dog Bus Ride to Eternity and we'll give you one for free. 

If you read through this horrible marketing nonsense, you deserve a reward. Use code vagabondslob and get an extra $5 off your order. This offer will expire on 9/1/2016.