Showcase at Bit Bazaar 2019

June 22, 2019 from 12:00 to 7:00 at the wonderful and spacious Toronto Media Arts Center (32 Lisgar St.), we’ll be showcasing playable versions for all of our games at the annual Bit Bazaar event. This will be the first public demo for Burger Patrol, and another good chance to get a preview of Sometimes Always Monsters before it releases next year.

If you’ve never been to one of these things, we highly recommend you attend if you’re nearby the city. There are plenty of independent developers to interact with, lots of new games to explore, weird kitsch to buy, and a smattering of tasty foods and beers to enjoy while you get down with it all. It’s a great opportunity to integrate with the local developer culture, and visit us for a mindless chat in the process.

We look forward to your faces, and hope you have a great time exploring all the fun our city’s got to offer.

Vagabond Dog Camps the CNE

In collaboration with BitBazaar 2017, this year's Canadian National Exhibition is hosting a new experience called GamingGarage. Attendees will find a plethora of new games from local indie developers, including Vagabond Dog's latest.

On Saturday Aug 26 and Sunday Aug 27, from 4pm to 10pm, those who come by (Table #15 in the Gaming Garage) will be treated to fresh demos for our latest games, including new competitive and single-player modes for Dog Gone Golfing.  They'll also be able to witness the debut of a new project called Keeping House from Jane Dunlop and Alexander Svaikauskas (read more about it here).