All Welcome To Krakkenhol Public Playtest

This evening at Bento Miso (862 Richmons St. West), Vagabond Dog will be bringing an early build of Krakkenhol for a public playtest. Starting at 6:30, all are welcome to feel the tension rise as bombs and gold litter the stage for the ultimate clash between deception and deduction begins.

Bring friends, blow them up, and rob them blind. Challenge the developers at their own game, and reduce them to quivering jellyfish as the Krakken sinks their dreams at your command. Feel the fear of uncertain memory in a world where every decision will bring you death, or a slim chance of claiming your one true desire - all the gold in the world.

Follow @Krakkenhol for updates.

High Seas Adventures Await Your Party In Krakkenhol

Over this past weekend our creative director, Justin Amirkhani, was invited to attend the Winnipeg Game Jam as both a speaker and a participant. With the theme of "Land & Sea", attendees were tasked with creating a unique game within just 3 days. Today we are happy to release the byproduct of this grueling process. 

Krakkenhol is a multiplayer deception-based party game in which players take on the role of pirate ship captains with a lust for all the gold in the world. In turns, players will steer their ships, bury their treasures, and avoid booby traps planted by other players, all while avoiding the deadly tentacles of the ravenous Krakken.

We've uploaded the game to for now in it's incomplete form. While we do have ambitions to make it a more polished product, we feel this is the sort of game that's made better with feedback from our players. If you're interested in trying the game, visit to download the latest version for free and leave us feedback via so that we can continue to improve it.

Over the next few months, as we find time away from our primary projects, Krakkenhol will be updated with new features and fixes. As it stands now, the project is playable but not perfect - an example of what can be accomplished within the constraints of a game jam. We hope you enjoy it regardless, it's fast become a favorite around the Vagabond headquarters.