PAX Prime 2015

Witness Our PAX Pitch With Ifinite Lives

Rarely do we get the opportunity to fully explain our games. Conventions often afford us the time to interface with people one-on-one and talk at length, but even that can be insufficient.

Thankfully, the crew from the Infinite Lives Podcast came by our booth at PAX Prime with a camera and all the right questions.

While there is no substitute for the Vagabond Dog booth experience in real life, we hope this video will satisfy.

Sometimes Always Monsters is an ambitious game, and we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to understand.

It Rained Less Than They Thought It Would

With our backs still aching from the return flight home, we leave PAX Prime 2015 behind us with new memories had. Thank you all for making this a fantastic show, and a wonderful return to Seattle.

It has been two years since Vagabond Dog was last in the city, and it was only by the surprised remarks of those who recognized our return that we realized how much we have grown since our first outing. To those who remember us so fondly, we appreciate your attention.

Seeing all our friends, rivals, partners, and associates in one place reminded us how large this industry can be. What we felt though was a community that reciprocated the love we showed it. To those who shared our burdens, you continue to inspire us.

Finally, the general sense of goodwill that allows a convention like this to exist is the lasting thing we steal from the show. Without the generous in time, money, energy, or all three, there would be no greater whole to be part of. To those who gave anything, our gratitude is not enough.

We are currently planning the next stop on the Vagabond Dog pilgrimage, but we are not ready to leave the warm and fuzzy feeling of PAX Prime behind just yet. If you met a vagabond or played Sometimes Always Monsters at the show, leave us a comment or e-mail

It's hard to keep track of so many friends, so let's make it easier by talking lots.

Vagabond Dog Pilgrimages To Pax Prime 2015

Yes, the rumours are true. Vagabond Dog will be attending PAX Prime 2015, and we'll be bringing our public build of Sometimes Always Monsters for you all to play.

To make things a little more exciting, we've decided to pre-load each of our demo stations with save files sent to us through Project Continuity.

This means that each player will have the option to see how Sometimes Always Monsters begins by starting as a brand new player, or by stepping into the shoes of an existing character.

The differences in experience are interesting to note.

We'll also be selling the same shirts you can get at, but they're on sale right now.

We've also enabled a free convention pick-up shipping option for all orders. If you're planning on buying a shirt from us in person, you can save a few bucks and make sure we've got your size in advance.

It's really exciting to get another opportunity to see you all. It feels like forever since we've last talked.

You'll find us somewhere inside the Indie Megabooth.

More specifically Booth 869.

Vagabond Dog Announces Sometimes Always Monsters

Vagabond Dog is proud to announce their second title, Sometimes Always Monsters, is coming to PC in 2016.

Sometimes Always Monsters is an atypical role-playing game about our life choices, the circumstances that drive us to them, and their inevitable consequences.

Set in the modern world, players take control of a newly married author struggling to find the inspiration needed to write their second novel. With pressure to provide for your household mounting, you set out on a cross-country promotional tour with a band of like-minded scribes.

Along the journey, players will encounter those who have been changed by their words. For better or for worse, the role you play in their lives will echo through the story. As you decide your place in a world that would seek to idolize or destroy you, responsibility is what you make of it when we're Sometimes Always Monsters.


"I like to think of it more like an antithesis than a sequel," boasts Creative Director Justin Amirkhani. "Where ASM was largely about the gruelling struggle to go from nothing to something, Sometimes Always Monsters is about the thrilling free fall from something to nothing."

While Sometimes Always Monsters will support save file imports from Always Sometimes Monsters, this new game focuses on a different story with fluid ties to the original. Decisions made in ASM will impact the world of SAM in unexpected fashion. As the journey continues on, regardless of how the story ended, you will come to new understandings as you scrutinize the decisions of your former self.

To aid our efforts in preserving the unique canon of every player's experience, and to help with our cross-compatibility testing, we are asking fans of ASM to send their save files to


Sometimes Always Monsters will be playable at PAX Prime booth 869 inside the Indie Megabooth. Media are asked to send appointment requests to soon.

Sometimes Always Monsters will be available in 2016. Fans can follow development at or via @VagabondDog on Twitter.

A Good Continuity Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Although it is not required, Sometimes Always Monsters will allow you to import your completed save file from Always Sometimes Monsters. Doing this will alter key factors about the narrative, as well as retain characters and continuity across both stories.

We'd like you to send us your completed ASM save files.

That little universe you cultivated with your decisions is important to us, and we'd like to make sure the most important parts of it are preserved as we develop SAM.

Having access to real player data will help us better understand how you interacted with the game, help our testing process, and inform our design going forward.

Just e-mail a copy of it to

You can find it in your ASM install directory on your PC.

If helping us make better games is not enough, we also offer your world some permanence as it will be carried on the Vagabond Dog pilgrimage to PAX Prime 2015 and beyond.

The chosen few will receive free swag from the show.

Don't worry if you haven't finished yet. There's still plenty of time before Sometimes Always Monsters releases.

It's not like we're judging you anyway, right?