Press Release

Vagabond Dog Announces Sometimes Always Monsters

Vagabond Dog is proud to announce their second title, Sometimes Always Monsters, is coming to PC in 2016.

Sometimes Always Monsters is an atypical role-playing game about our life choices, the circumstances that drive us to them, and their inevitable consequences.

Set in the modern world, players take control of a newly married author struggling to find the inspiration needed to write their second novel. With pressure to provide for your household mounting, you set out on a cross-country promotional tour with a band of like-minded scribes.

Along the journey, players will encounter those who have been changed by their words. For better or for worse, the role you play in their lives will echo through the story. As you decide your place in a world that would seek to idolize or destroy you, responsibility is what you make of it when we're Sometimes Always Monsters.


"I like to think of it more like an antithesis than a sequel," boasts Creative Director Justin Amirkhani. "Where ASM was largely about the gruelling struggle to go from nothing to something, Sometimes Always Monsters is about the thrilling free fall from something to nothing."

While Sometimes Always Monsters will support save file imports from Always Sometimes Monsters, this new game focuses on a different story with fluid ties to the original. Decisions made in ASM will impact the world of SAM in unexpected fashion. As the journey continues on, regardless of how the story ended, you will come to new understandings as you scrutinize the decisions of your former self.

To aid our efforts in preserving the unique canon of every player's experience, and to help with our cross-compatibility testing, we are asking fans of ASM to send their save files to


Sometimes Always Monsters will be playable at PAX Prime booth 869 inside the Indie Megabooth. Media are asked to send appointment requests to soon.

Sometimes Always Monsters will be available in 2016. Fans can follow development at or via @VagabondDog on Twitter.