Always Sometimes Monsters Turns 5


Five years. Half a decade.

This long, you’ve been our fans, and more.

Every anniversary, we look back and feel both grateful for all of you who played Always Sometimes Monsters, and proud that so many of you managed to find something of personal meaning within our little game.

As time marches on, and we look back at those early days of development, there are still many things that befuddle us. It’s still hard to believe in earnest that the game exists, despite remembering all the long hours that we put in to making it. It’s difficult to rationalize its success, despite meeting players all over the world. To this day, it isn’t easy to accept the support and praise that has been sent our way.

No matter how much time has passed since the game’s launch day, we know that we are very lucky to have had the experience we did. Especially today, not every indie developer gets to find the success we did, and thus we are reverent to our own history.

Looking forward, the calendar is thin.

Next year is an important one.

We are excited for you, the ultimately patient, to finally find Sometimes Always Monsters.

See you in the Discord.