Sometimes Always Monsters: Patience Test Release is a pre-release version of the game being made available to a select few while we prepare the final content for its full release to the public in 2020.

In SAM: PTR, You will experience your new home as a successful author, come to know your spouse while living together. As a pair, you will maintain your house until the game's full release. 

This is a fairly different experience from what you may be expecting, having played Always Sometimes Monsters.

It is immobile and passive by nature - in opposition to the thumping reality of your past life and the journey ahead. Now is the day to enjoy your comforts and ease, it's well earned and much needed. You must find the equilibrium before your adventure can begin. 

If you are interested in participating in this lunacy, please register and we will send you details on your application and download instructions...



Can I use my Always Sometimes Monsters save file?

Yes. You can import any completed ASM save file into SAM:PTR by copying it between the install directories.

The autosave is called "Save01.rvdata2".

If you're a Steam user, your ASM save file is somewhere like this:


If you're not a Steam user, you probably don't need our help.

What happens when the full game releases?

When the full version of SAM is released, all SAM: PTR players will receive an update to their game.

Once updated, your narrative will reconnect to the main story line with a few minor variations.

You will retain any items, wealth, statuses, or relationship modifications gained during SAM: PTR.

Your entire continuity remains intact. Your timeline is merely longer than most other players.

Are there spoilers in this version of the game?

Yes, and no. The content available in this release is identical to the content available in the early parts of the final game. While you will experience the beginning of SAM, it is only an introduction.

How does this fit into the timeline/canon/continuity?

It's best to think of this somewhat like a fancy narrative round-a-bout. There's the road you've come from, and the road you're going to, but for at least this moment, we'll keep driving in circles.

When does the PTR begin?

We have already started. Access is being rolled out selectively and slowly.

If you have not received an e-mail with download instructions yet, don't panic.

Patience is the name of the game. 😉

Will the PTR have updates?

Yeah, probably. There's still bugs we haven't found yet and there's still things we want to add. 

These will probably slow/stop as we focus more on preparing the rest of the game.