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Will On Writing

Being a complete person is an approachable task.

Creating a complete person is an impossible task, for those lacking Will.


Game, Play, Loops

There is a quiet balance between the revelry and the work, the sanity and foolishness.

It generates the energy to ignite infinite worlds, all held in a delicate equilibrium.


A Bus Ride to Eternity/Oblivion

In the days prior to PAX West 2016, a small video game studio from Toronto, Canada embarked on a west-coast bus tour of the United States to herald the release of their second project - Sometimes Always Monsters.

This is the account of their adventures.

012 - Endings Make Sense

Goodbye, everything.

011 - Great Wisdom And The Truth

A true master schools their student.

010 - Jane Gets Rekked

The most important rule while touring is to know and respect your drivers. 

009 - JANE Burns JUSTIN

He's nothing but a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerd herder anyway.

008 - Justin Loves Jane

It's a well known that it is impossible to escape a Vagabond Dog production without a lengthy diatribe on the nature of romance.


007 - All Access Pass

There's a reason he's popular with the enforcers. 

006 - Intermission

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005 - Jake's Story


The Freewrite is a distraction-free smart typewriter funded on Kickstarter. Leave the internet at home and write anywhere with the Freewrite.

The Freewrite works perfectly indoors or out, online or offline. Leave your smartphone at home and go write where you feel most comfortable. 

004 - Canadian Humour

Organized Rhyme was a Canadian hip-hop group based in Ottawa, Ontario.

The group became one of the first Canadian rap acts to sign a record deal with a major label and won the Much Music Video Award for Best Rap Video in 1992.

Tom Green was one of the group's founding members.

003 - Good Almonds

When one is made to three, it is inevitable that the universe will collapse unto itself.

Unequal parts create discontent, and the impossible even division between them stretches through infinity and eternity.


Jane is not climbing the tree, but through a lens and a screen she can feel like she is.

001 - An Introduction

Meet JM Specht, a charming and eloquent individual from the realms managed by our overlords at Devolver Digital. Allow his infectious personality embrace you into the fold, as you join the bus ride with us.

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