A Good Continuity Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Although it is not required, Sometimes Always Monsters will allow you to import your completed save file from Always Sometimes Monsters. Doing this will alter key factors about the narrative, as well as retain characters and continuity across both stories.

We'd like you to send us your completed ASM save files.

That little universe you cultivated with your decisions is important to us, and we'd like to make sure the most important parts of it are preserved as we develop SAM.

Having access to real player data will help us better understand how you interacted with the game, help our testing process, and inform our design going forward.

Just e-mail a copy of it to continuity@vagabonddog.com

You can find it in your ASM install directory on your PC.

If helping us make better games is not enough, we also offer your world some permanence as it will be carried on the Vagabond Dog pilgrimage to PAX Prime 2015 and beyond.

The chosen few will receive free swag from the show.

Don't worry if you haven't finished yet. There's still plenty of time before Sometimes Always Monsters releases.

It's not like we're judging you anyway, right?