Watch Vagabond Dog On YouTube

Hello Vagabonds,
We know you have been waiting patiently for updates on Sometimes Always Monsters. Many of you had begun to speculate if we'd abandoned the project, run into extreme difficulty, or just plain died.

The truth is, we have been electively quiet and hard at work on the game.

It is a much bigger endeavor than we thought when first announcing our optimistic 2016 release plan. Since failing that, we have all been working overtime so that the game may meet our internal quality standards and release to all of you as soon as possible.

Rest assured, the game is getting better each day.
However, despite all of this, you faithful deserve updates.

We know how much you miss us on the daily, but this recent absence from the community has pushed the team in exciting new directions.

So, we've partnered with an independent production company to launch our official YouTube channel.

This channel is currently featuring a short documentary and a playlist of clips from our west-coast bus tour on the way to PAX West. 

We call it...
Vagabond Dog Presents: A Bus Ride to Eternity/Oblivion

You can watch it here:

Going forward we will be uploading new content of varying quality on a semi-routine schedule. Our studio has never done anything like this before, and so we will be relying on your feedback as we continue.

Completing development on Sometimes Always Monsters remains our top priority. This was the reason for us partnering with Curio Films to develop this project while our creative team continues their work.

Please, enjoy the show and set your minds at ease.
The game will be yours before long, 2020 is less than 4 years away!

All the best,
Vagabond Dog