4 Years of ASM


Once you've done something important with your life, it's hard not to feel like you have peaked.

This is particularly common in the world of games that encourages indie developers to put every ounce of energy they have into their projects, just for the chance of breaking through the surface of this crazy industry. 

At the end of the day, we're just some folks who enjoy making games. We were never emotionally prepared for the reception that we got, and have been in a very strange personal space since the release of our studio's debut with Always Sometimes Monsters four years ago. Though, we remain insanely grateful for this amazing position.

Get ASM FOR $1.00

As a special thanks to all of you who've found and loved our game, and for those who continue to share it with your fellow Vagabonds, we're offering DRM-Free copies of Always Sometimes Monsters for just $1.00 today.

If you've already bought a copy (or 10), know we still have Free Worldwide Shipping on our T-shirts, at a new discounted price. Just use promo code: YEAROFTHEDOG

Love, Thanks, And Appreciation

Extra gratitude to everyone at Devolver Digital, who took a ridiculous chance on some goofy neophytes with a big dream and absolutely no idea how to make games. Without their support early on, Always Sometimes Monsters may never have come to pass.

Much love to the Indie Megabooth crew, for giving us our first (and many more) chances to showcase our game at so many lovely conventions. Without which, we'd never get to meet any of you in-person.

Finally, infinite love to all of you who ever played the game. Without your passion, and desire to share it with your friends, family, and lovers, we would not be where we are today. Thank you for your grace, patience, and adoration through all of our confusing antics and awkward silences. You're the reason we love doing this.

The Future

We are still hard at work on Sometimes Always Monsters, fully aware of how eager you all are to play the game.

The project has turned into something far larger than we ever realized it could be, advancing almost every aspect of our formula with more depth and complexity. It may be a difficult waiting period, but we promise the game will be ready one day. Until then, we hope you enjoy life to its fullest, and join us for the inevitable launch.