We're Giving Away 2,018 Steam Keys for Year of the Dog


Hello lovely Vagabonds,

Today is the Chinese New Year, and 2018 marks 'The Year of the Dog'. Being the game studio we are, it would be ridiculous not to celebrate. Thus, we're giving away 2,018 Steam keys for our adorable, procedurally generated, arcade-golf title, Dog Gone Golfing.

For those of you who haven't played the game, it's a casual 2D golf experience, wherein dogs use hockey pucks to play golf across a variety of bizarre landscapes. There's a lot packed into the game, including customizable canines and pucks, a 2-player competitive mode, and an unlimited number of courses to slapshot your way through.


In addition to the copies of Dog Gone Golfing, we are also offering Free Shipping on all orders from the Vagabond Dog Store... for the rest of the year!

That means any of y'all who haven't snagged a Vagabond Dog T-Shirt, or were eyeing our snazzy poster sets can now grab them without worrying about the postage. Just use discount code YEAROFTHEDOG at checkout, to receive the promotion.


To collect your free Steam key for Dog Gone Golfing, simply fill out this handy questionnaire and we'll e-mail you the code, once we've vetted your responses (gotta prove you're not scammerbotz, after all). Codes will be going out in batches every Friday, starting next week.

Thank you all again for your continued support, and faith in our little studio. Let's continue making 2018 a great year, and celebrate all the good times we'll have!

- Vagabond Dog