E3, Or Close Enough

Although this was not our first E3 as individuals, this was the first time we'd ever been to the show with our own game and as a studio. Situated outside the convention proper in the renegade Devolver parking lot, naturally things had a very different feel to them.

The friends who we only seem to see doing these amazing shows welcomed us with open arms, and the conversations carried on like there wasn't months between breaths.

New faces, eager to see something new stumbled upon us and walked away with gifts and more than they expected.

These were the things that coloured the show for us.

We'd like to thank everyone at Devolver Digital for helping us have such a great first E3, especially the ground crew, logistics folks, drivers, child laborers, and general helpers who made it all run so smoothly.

Especially for this excellent video series:

Also, some special appreciation to the Indie MEGACORP for allowing us some quiet space to run press demos (our game's verbosity appreciates it).

To all those who couldn't catch us at the show and those who miss us already, fret not.

We will be back in LA soon, and other places along the west coast. All roads forward lead to launch, but we have some exciting plans on the way there.

If you're curious then go to joinus.vagabonddog.com and help us get the wheels rolling.